About Us

Hello Knights for Christ!

Kingz Armor is a ministry anointed by God. To equip God's Knights for Christ with the physical "Full Armor of God." So God may use you to do Kingdom Work using your testimony to bring others to Christ. There are designs given by God to walk you through every step of your journey with Jesus Christ. God uses this ministry to not only reach others but to heal and get you through the good and tough times in your life and your relationship with Jesus. 

People that have this armor have admitted to feeling an unexplainable experience with God. Not being able to take off the shirts for two to three days, just to shower and put it back on because it feels so good. Some have been able to get through the loss of a family member because of how they feel in their shirt. Other's have been able to share the gospel with people on the streets and bring them to know Jesus because of it.

People have been able to get through tough health situations because of how they "feel the presence of God with them giving them peace that passes understanding."

This is truly a testimony and ministry, by supporting our mission the Lord will use you and the armor you chose as a tool to spread the gospel and your personal testimony on how the Lord has saved and changed your life. Giving you the opportunity to bring others to Salvation and the Kingdom of God.
You are an Ambassador Knight for Christ!

Each item is designed by the inspiration of the Lord given to our designers.
[We also open designs suggested by His Children (YOU) that have been inspired by the Lord.]
Our items are listed by the Armor you are looking for.
Ex: Hats = Helmets of Salvation
T-shirts = Breastplates of Righteousness
Bags = Shields of Faith

Are you a Knight for Christ? Is your Armor on both Spiritually and Physically? Is your house in order? Are you ready for Jesus to return? Are you ready to STAND for CHRIST?


ROMANS 1:16-17

"For I am not ashamed of the Besorah of Mashiach: for it is the power of Elohiym unto Salvation to EVERYONE that believes; to the Yahudiy (Jews) first, and also to the Yavaniy (Gentiles). For therein is the righteousness of Elohiym revealed from faith to faith: as it is written, They just live by faith.


"My flesh and my heart fails: but Elohiym is the strength of my heart, and my portion forever."

May God Bless You, Your Testimony and may HE use YOU to bring others to HIS Glory!

 “Those who have eyes to see let them see” what you are wearing! Those who have ears to hear let him hear” the Gospel of Jesus Christ by His Knights for Christ!

See YOU in the SKY!